May 24, 2024

UAEU publishes 2207 research ‎papers related to the United ‎Nations sustainable development ‎goals during 2018-2021‎

 UAEU publishes 2207 research ‎papers related to the United ‎Nations sustainable development ‎goals during 2018-2021‎

Al Ain, 21 January 2022: The United Arab Emirates University ‎supports and consolidates the leading ‎role of the country through the ‎outputs of its scientific research that ‎help to find solutions to global ‎challenges, including those related to ‎the United Nations sustainable ‎development goals. The university ‎has allocated financial resources and ‎infrastructure capabilities that ‎guarantee world-class scientific ‎laboratories to ensure the achievement ‎of high-quality research outputs and ‎support the university to become a ‎research-intensive university with a ‎global impact.‎

The UAEU also plays a positive and ‎vital role in achieving alignment with ‎the seventeen sustainable ‎development goals of the United ‎Nations. The university launched last ‎year the sustainable development ‎goals research program, and there are ‎many projects and research activities ‎currently in place that support the ‎UAE’s strategy for climate neutrality ‎to reach zero carbon emissions by ‎‎2050‎‏.‏

The UAEU faculty members and ‎researchers have published 2207 ‎research papers related to global ‎sustainable development goals ‎according to the Scopus database ‎during the period from 2018 to 2021, ‎including 966 research papers related ‎to the third goal, focusing on good ‎health and quality of life‏.‏

In the field of clean energy, which ‎comes under the seventh goal, 368 ‎research papers were published, while ‎in the eleventh goal related to ‎sustainable cities and communities, ‎‎254 papers were published. Also, the ‎UAEU researchers published 198 ‎papers related to clean water and ‎sanitation, and 179 research papers in ‎the fields of industry, innovation and ‎infrastructure‏.‏

The UAEU is ranked first in the ‎country based on research ‎productivity related to first, second, ‎third, fourth, eleventh and fifteenth ‎goals during the period from 2018-‎‎to 2021 according to the Scopus database.‎

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate ‎Provost for Research, said that the ‎UAEU, through its ambitious vision, ‎was able to have societal research ‎contributions with a global impact by ‎studying real challenges related to ‎societies, and finding practical, ‎technical and economic solutions of ‎societal benefits. He added, “The ‎UAEU scientific research is forward-looking and contributes to ‎empowerment, development and ‎sustainability through knowledge and ‎science, and by using innovative ‎research tools that achieve integrative ‎outcomes which would benefit the ‎humanity and the surrounding ‎environment through optimal use of ‎natural resources‏.‏