June 15, 2024

Friday, 11 February.. Highlights from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

 Friday, 11 February.. Highlights from the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

Fright Nights takes over the Emirates LitFest

Fright Night brought a frisson of excitement to the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature as the afternoon and evening gave way to darker topics.   

Bestselling author Sam Copeland delighted audiences young and old as he shared storis of his ghost story, Greta and the Ghost Hunters. 

Comic artist Mohammad “Momo” Yousuf Alshaibani led an electric workshop on the fundamentals of comic book storytelling.  

Spoken word poet Elizabeth Acevedo talked about the influences that went into her award-winning (and soon to be adapted) novel Clap When You Land, and read excerpts to an enraptured audience. The tale of how a plane crash leads to a deceased man’s two families finding out about each other, offers darkness and light in equal measures.

House of Gucci author and journalist Sarah Gay Forden discussed the perils of unregulated tech companies on the Internet and what must be done to reign them in,  as well as why technology can be a force for good! 

Also coming up this evening is a debate between bestselling crime writers Lucy Foley and Mark Billingham and their teams as they throw down the gauntlet and argue whether criminals can, or should, be heroes. There is also a thrilling panel discussion between neuroscientist David Eagleman, bestselling horror author Stephen Graham Jones, Palestinian writer Walid Owda and crime writer Polly Philips

Coming Up Tomorrow…

Former PepsiCo CEO and chairman Indra Nooyi will talk about the success she’s achieved and offer advice on how companies can move towards a more sustainable model in a sold-out session. 

Former diplomat and expert on Saudi Arabia, David Rundell will discuss the exponential development of our neighbour to the south and what the future might hold. 

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn will discuss writing romance with fellow writer Alawiya Sobh

New Scientist senior editor Rowan Hooper will tell us how to spend a trillion dollars to solve all the world’s troubles.

TV hosts and cooking experts Dr. Rupy Aujla and Zahra Abdalla tell us how we can still enjoy all our favourite traditional dishes while also making healthy substitutions! 

Bestselling crime author Mark Billingham will take readers behind the scenes of his novels as he shares his inspirations and how he comes up with his characters. 

Bestselling horror author Stephen Graham Jones will talk about his love of the genre and horror movies and how that influences his writing!