Ace Your Face With FOREO’s Toning Routine

 Ace Your Face With FOREO’s Toning Routine

Workout Over 69 Muscles In 5 Minutes With FOREO’s Face Toning Routine.

With the ever-changing environment, lifestyle and other factors that could affect your body, internally and externally, it becomes important to take care of yourself with a regular workout and eating healthy. But that might not be enough for your skin as it is constantly exposed to harsh conditions on a daily basis. Swedish skincare brand FOREO helps you look and feel radiant with its advanced technology product range. It is the perfect time to up your skincare regime with FOREO’s products that help gently energizing & firming the 69 muscles in your face & neck.

As the Middle East summers are approaching soon, incorporating FOREO’s skin routine helps you look and feel radiant. The products not only use science-backed tech but also tones and firms the skin with a 69 muscle workout in less than 5 minutes.

BEAR and BEAR mini

The BEAR stimulates and tones the muscles and improves the skin that helps sculpting facial complexion. Its microcurrent & T-Sonic massage activates all 69 muscles and mimic’s the body’s natural process of building collagen, repairing elastin and tightening the face using electric currents. This process does not only deliver nutrients to skin cells but also eliminates toxins. BEAR comes with an anti-shock system to cans & measures skin’s resistance to electricity, and automatically adjusts microcurrent intensity making it super safe and comfortable. Fight puffiness and crows feet around eyes within a week of regular use. The BEAR mini is a smaller version of the original BEAR but only more portable and travel-friendly. Both devices can be easily charged with USB cables. The FOREO app also includes guided treatments targeted tightening & full facial toning results.

BEAR will deliver visible, long-lasting results when using the device consistently over an extended period of time. What you will notice for sure is the reduction of wrinkles, toned skin and a natural glow, or simply put: a non-invasive facelift.


A lightweight serum that gives your skin everything it needs for a youthful glow, and radiant visage. A pea size amount of this magical potion helps retain hydration while also minimizing fine lines & wrinkles. Infused with squalane oil, it fights skin-damaging free radicals and oxidative stress. With 85% natural ingredients, the serum helps diminish visible signs of aging so skin looks firm, plump and healthy. It is perfect for pairing with BEAR devices SERUM SÉRUM SERUM works evenly on the outer layer of the skin for a soft, smooth complexion.

FOREO’s hi-tech skin care devices replenish the skin and reduce everyday stress affecting it in the long run. FOREO is available on Sephora,,, and