July 22, 2024

PulsOps, a no-code observability and analytics platform for operations teams, raises pre-seed funding of 640,000 AED from Antler India

 PulsOps, a no-code observability and analytics platform for operations teams, raises pre-seed funding of 640,000 AED from Antler India

With the mission to automate business performance monitoring, PulsOps empowers fast-moving operations teams to set up automated alerting, root cause analysis and incident management for core business metrics.

Dubai, UAE | Jan 17, 2022: PulsOps, a no-code observability and analytics platform for high-velocity operations teams, has raised pre-seed funding of 640,000 AED from Antler India.

PulsOps was founded in 2021 by Indian School of Business graduates Shobhit Sharma, Morahari Reddy and Nitin Garg who together have 30+ years of global experience having worked across complex, data driven and high-growth startups such as Gojek, Careem and GreyOrange Robotics.

Over the last decade, there’s been a meteoric rise in operations-driven startups in the MENA region across a variety of sectors such as delivery, quick commerce, logistics, and transportation. Many of these businesses often face the challenge of monitoring critical metrics for daily business performance and management. Operations teams navigate thousands of data points across dashboards, spreadsheets, and manual processes – leading to mis-informed or delayed actions, both of which negatively impact P&L and efficiency. Simply put, there is more data available in these businesses than what is cognitively possible for humans to monitor and intelligently analyze.

Founders Shobhit, Morahari and Nitin experienced this metrics bloat and inefficiency first-hand while previously working at high-growth startups. They are aiming to solve this problem with PulsOps, a full stack observability and analytics platform that provides automated metrics monitoring and root cause analysis at the most granular level of operations data. The platform includes advanced analytics solutions that provide actionable recommendations for context-specific use cases like fleet, inventory and incentive optimization. The platform is designed to close the loop from data to action in one place. 

“Tech-enabled operations is a hypercompetitive space. A company’s ability to leverage the full strength of its data to make faster, more intelligent decisions becomes its moat and therefore its path to profitability. Companies using PulsOps will not only make better business decisions but will also free up their team’s time to execute faster and better. At Careem, we spent a lot of time tracking our growth, efficiency and experience metrics everyday, sometimes every hour – we needed to look at the data at the most granular level. We searched for a platform that could automate this, but soon realised that there was no analytics platform in the market that catered to the operational rhythms of fast moving businesses. This was the genesis of PulsOps.”, said Nitin Garg, co-founder of PulsOps who previously led Marketplace and Growth Operations centrally at Careem.

While speaking to an operations leader at a leading food delivery business – we found that teams only did a deep dive if there was a major deviation in top level metrics like orders, order completion rate and delivery time. There was never enough analytics bandwidth to look at these metrics one or two levels deeper by every city, zone and merchant. Every leader acknowledged that they were potentially leaving many actionable opportunities on the table.”, Nitin added.

One of the key competitive advantages for PulsOps is the platform’s ability to offer in-built industry-specific knowledge. Elaborating on the same, Shobhit Sharma, co-founder of PulsOps said, “PulsOps is different from general analytics and dashboarding tools as it incorporates industry best practices in the form of industry-specific dashboard templates and applications within its platform to deliver unique value to its users. We’ve built a no-code, mobile friendly platform keeping in mind the needs of a non-technical business user.”

When asked about the market opportunity, Morahari Reddy, the US based co-founder of PulsOps said, “PulsOps solves a global problem which is only going to get aggravated as companies generate more data. While we are initially focused on delivery and logistics businesses primarily in the US, Middle East and India, every business that is looking at metrics and other data points at high frequency to make data driven decisions will benefit tremendously from using PulsOps.

PulsOps plans to use the funds raised to strengthen its team with engineers and data scientists to accelerate product development.

“Whether it is the meteoric rise of quick commerce as a new horizontal, or the pain points for existing ops teams across ecommerce and logistics, it is clear that traditional business intelligence (BI) tools are not sufficiently powerful for new-age business and operations teams. Most available solutions focus on one component of the performance monitoring process such as data transformation, visualization or automated monitoring. In Nitin, Shobhit and Morahari, we see a top-notch team which has unique insights from their prior experiences at Gojek, Careem and GreyOrange, and the ability to create a full stack solution “built in India, for the world”, added Nitin Sharma, Partner and co-founder at Antler India.

Global early-stage VC firm Antler is one of the fastest growing VC firms in the world and plans to deploy $100M to $150M in 100+ Indian startups over the next 3 years.