July 22, 2024

Moro Hub Teams Up with BriefCam to Develop its Turnkey Integrated Physical Security Platform (IPSP)

 Moro Hub Teams Up with BriefCam to Develop its Turnkey Integrated Physical Security Platform (IPSP)

The partnership aims to enable Moro hub’s IPSP customers with valuable insights to perform smooth operations.

UAE, 16th January 2022: Moro Hub (Data Hub Integrated Solutions), subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), announced a partnership with BriefCam to be one of the technology providers to power its Integrated Physical Security Platform (IPSP) for government entities and enterprises in the region.

The signing ceremony between Moro Hub and BriefCam was in the presence of Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub and Oren Zvulun – Managing Director – EMEA Region, BriefCam.

As part of the new partnership, BriefCam will empower Moro Hub’s Integrated Physical Security Platform (IPSP) with accurate, flexible, and a comprehensive video analytic solution that will deliver valuable insights for Moro Hub’s clients to accelerate investigations, increase situational awareness and enhance operational intelligence.

Mohammad Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub, said: “This partnership with BriefCam is our commitment to support businesses in the region with a centralized platform for Integrated Physical security that includes analytics and real-time alert notifications for smooth operations. In today’s time, having a video surveillance system is not enough. Businesses need technology to increase the probability of detecting key details in real-time and on-demand while also using the data for long term trend analysis, operational decision making, and more. We are confident that BriefCam’s expertise and advanced technologies will accelerate our IPSP to offer unmatched accuracy, superior performance and flexible architecture to businesses in the region.”

While most organizations traditionally rely on video surveillance for security purposes, maximizing these existing investments with advanced solutions, business units can leverage video intelligence in new and impactful ways. From accelerating post-event investigations and proactively responding to security incidents, deriving visitor demographic profiles, behavioural patterns, and operational inefficiencies, varied aspects of business operations can be easily tackled with Moro Hub’s IPSP.

Oren Zvulun, Managing Director, EMEA Region, BriefCam said, “BriefCam is excited to associate with Moro Hub, a leading provider of digital services in the region. We are positive that our comprehensive approach to video content analytics will enable Moro Hub’s clientele to realize the full value of video surveillance investments by making video searchable, actionable, and quantifiable.”

Given the rapid acceleration of digital transformation, IPSP provides the breadth of intelligence needed to bolster security, customer experiences, business operations and most importantly revenues.