May 24, 2024



A spectacular showcasing of style, three-days of fashion theatre, has ended on a high note of hope and happiness, encompassing both designers, the creative community and the region’s fashion lovers.

Day 3: 18th December. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The premier fashion platform in a post-pandemic Dubai, Fashion Week 2021, has been the 1st in the region to creatively showcase how neo-normal fashion will emerge.

A unique showcasing, where trends and theatre took centerstage, this event was very well curated with the right mix of design talent, creative and high quality of production.

Shining the spotlight on the region’s iconic talent, celebrating diversity through their signature nuances, Fashion Week 2021, was about inclusivity in a subtle and sensitive manner.

A coming together of a like-minded community of creatives, steered by Saif Ali Khan and Kevin Oliver who both have over 25+ years of experience, this was a show of support for the industry.

A timely event, which successfully lifted a sector that was flatlining and going into regression in a post-pandemic world, Fashion Week 2021 proved to be a perfect platform for established designers, whilst paving the way for fresh fashion graduates.

Held at the newly opened Arena at the IMG Worlds of Adventure, the event was Produced and Organized by Supreme Events in a supportive partnership with Creative Director Kevin Oliver.

Saif Ali Khan of Supreme Events said “We are thrilled to set the season in motion. We had conceived this event in keeping with Dubai’s stance of going beyond the pandemic. Just as our visionary leader established Dubai, as a top spot, I wanted to ensconce our creative economy, through our fashion talent.”


This young Emirati designer represented her personality and her global influences through her collections. Showcasing timeless designs, covering various styles of different generations, highlighting each one with different shades and sartorial style, Lara launched her premiere collection.  Celebrating individuality, she created only small capsules, each one an original, setting timeless fashion statements.


Launching his collection “The Secret Courtyard” at Fashion Week 2021, Noman Ansari created a play of color, creativity with a twist of glittery glam. This rustic collection was prepped perfectly for the festive season ahead. Amalgamating bold color with rich prints, texturing it with complex multi layering embellishment techniques reveals the designer’s signature style and resonated his South Asian influences.


There was a lightness even in the couture dresses which delights and surprises. A certain flamboyance with a fluidity, as the couture gowns glided softly across the stage. Nivedita’s texturing of fabric gave her ensembles understated elegant embellishment.

The color selection was delightful, as Nivedita chose an unusual set for winter- ivories, baby pinks, pastel blues and a dash of grey. From fluttering gowns, cute capes, slinky shara pants, the were unique, with the detailed construction, every stitch embodies the signature of a designer committed to creating lightness and beauty.


Artsy designer Benhode showcased a cool ‘Art meets Augmented Reality’ collection, inspired by the quasi-digital world life we have lived over the last two years.

As a brand, Benhode is committed to delivering fine design for connoisseurs who value design and craftmanship. The brand’s mission statement is to “Bring Elegance, Style and Sophistication” for the discerning modern man.

This feature resonated throughout the collection, as classical tailoring met contemporary texture, blending beautifully.  

Taking it a notch higher, the designer’s use of sustainable fabrics, was an amalgamation of fashion with compassion. Summing it up in two words ‘Innovative & Inspiring’

AMATO By Furne One

Amato by Furne One, is always avant-garde, always bold. A perfect choice for a finale show, as Furne creates a concerto, fusing style with drama.

In is unique signature style, he sets the route that the rest of UAE’s Haute Couture community follows.

Celebrating women through his collection, using the glitter of gold, his silhouettes were sleek and sensual, yet strong with a rebellious edge. Creating a wide vocabulary of cuts, the designer playfully showed his masterful ability to construct and deconstruct simultaneously.

Fragile fantasy and futurism were fused, Cleopatra meets 22nd Century Cyborg, in a backdrop of desert sands, and solitude, the theme teased by t tantalizing effects of his exquisite surface embellishments, handmade and hand construction, ensuring every ensemble is a masterpiece.   

The last day saw style even off the catwalks, as the fashion lovers turned out to celebrate and support their favorite designers. The posing, the pouts, the insta clicks resonated the joy of celebrating together after three-year hiatus.

On that crescendo Fashion Week 2021 dropped its curtains, closing on a successful note. Taking a bow, for infusing hope and happiness, Saif Ali Khan, the Producer and Organizer of Fashion Week 2021 said “We are proud to be a part of Dubai, to follow in the footsteps of our leadership, reviving a sector that is my passion, MENASA’s fashion industry. promise to continue my support for the design industry, my team at Supreme Events and I will continue Fashion Weeks and revive the Business of Fashion.