May 27, 2024

Esaal, the new region ambassador for the employee wellness

 Esaal, the new region ambassador for the employee wellness

Etisalat, Paymob, and many other enterprises join (EEWP) Esaal’s employee wellness program.

December 26, 2021

As part of promoting positive workplace culture to enhance employee engagement and performance, the online consultancy platform “Esaal”, a subsidiary of A15, has launched Esaal Employee Wellness Program (EEWP). The program offers personalized and certified consultancy services such as medical consultations, psychotherapy, life coaching, parenting, nutrition, and fitness consultancy for companies that have signed up for EEWP to help employees cope with the challenges in their workplace.

As part of the program, Esaal is also working to facilitate collaborations with healthcare and fitness facilities and psychotherapy clinics to enable Esaal’s extensive network of consultants to provide in-person services. Esaal will also implement social media campaigns to support the healthcare brands collaborating with Esaal in EEWP to promote a positive work culture.

Esaal has been offering a wide range of consultancy services to around 650,00 users over the last three years and is constantly expanding its network. Furthermore, the EEWP initiative is also in line with Esaal’s efforts to position the platform as the largest wellness hub and the market leader for wellness consultancies. It further highlights the importance of employees’ mental and physical well-being to create a positive work culture and boost productivity. Global studies suggest that companies with high employee engagement rate report 37 per cent lower absenteeism levels, up to 65 per cent lower employee turnover, 10 per cent higher customer satisfaction, 21 per cent higher productivity, and 22 per cent higher profitability.

Fadi Doss, Chief Executive Officer of Esaal, said: “In the last two months, Esaal signed more than ten deals with corporate entities across various sectors such as Etisalat, Link Development, Connect Ads, Mixel, ITWorx Limited, Wadi Degla Clubs and Kuwait Energy Egypt. Through EEWP, we are now offering consultancy services in behavioural, interpersonal and relationship issues to more than 5,000 employees.”

“We are committed to constantly expanding the network of experts and specialists in different wellness areas as per the requirement of our users, in line with our aim to become the virtual 360-degree platform that offers a whole range of consultancy services to help employees attain wellness,” he added.

As part of the program, employees of the companies that have signed this valuable deal with Esaal will be receiving a special discount rate for online consultations for an entire year starting from the date of the agreement. Employees and their family members can benefit from it multiple times during the offer period, using the promotional codes customized by Esaal for their company. EEWP also offers online and in-person workshops for the companies, in accordance with their specific needs and requirements to enhance employee engagement.

The EEWP is also in line with Esaal’s initiatives to expand its network of experts to provide better services to its users and promote the advantages of online consultancy. Presently, the extensive network of certified local and international experts at Esaal offers consultancy services through Esaal’s secure, user-friendly chat and video-based interfaces in Arabic and English, and French, in more than eleven countries such as Egypt, UAE, Libya, Palestine, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.

As part of exploring new business prospects to local and international companies, Esaal is also building a strong presence in major events in the Middle East and North Africa region. Esaal was the official sponsor of the MENA’s first mental health conference held in the AUC Greek Campus in Egypt  and has also participated in RiseUp summit, the largest innovation, and entrepreneurship summit in the MENA region, held near the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt.